Why Net?


The primary reason to net is to improve profit.

Netting improves profitability by improving yields and pack-outs. This is achieved by reducing environmental impacts such as sun, wind and hail. Netting can also benefit the profit equation by improving water use efficiency. Netting provides an overall insurance policy on income, given an extreme environmental event.

The cost of netting is significant, and the business case to proceed should be based on a cost benefit analysis.

The Apple and Pear Growers association of South Australia has prepared some excellent resources to aide in this cost benefit analysis. Although focussed on the concerns within the Adelaide Hills, this resource provides a great starting point, and offers an excellent summary of the potential gains from netting.

Each grower must determine the viability of netting, however G2 Netting Systems can assist in this determination by providing the design and costing of a prospective structure.

Contact us if you wish to take the initial steps into improving your profit.

G2 Netting Trellis Release Structure