Trellis Release


Trellis Release provides a structure that performs two functions. Firstly, the structure contains an integrated wire trellising system that provides crop support and allows more intensive growing. Secondly, the structure supports a unique top cover netting system that protects the crop from environmental factors such as sun, wind, pests, and hail. With respect to hail, the system avoids bulk hail loading by the use of bungees which allow the system to release the hail to the ground.

Trellis Release structures suit new plantings because the trellis component can be installed early to support tree growth; the netting component can be retracted to assist in pollination. They can be combined with other structure types to provide a full cover netting solution, and are more conducive to DIY installation because they are generally easier to install.

Trellis Release G2 Netting Parker Basin